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- Best Souvenirs from Bahamas -

A Few of the Best Souvenirs from Bahamas

Every vacation should yield a few souvenirs and it’s no different in a place like the Bahamas, that is a tropical paradise you’ll want to relive through a souvenir every time you look at it. Below are some of the best souvenirs from Bahamas that you should try to acquire and take home when you are there.

A picture with a large game fish from the ocean. If you’re into fishing, catching one of these magnificent fish and bringing it aboard a boat for a picture is a great, memorable moment. Releasing it back to the wild is another one.

A great locally made piece of Bahamian jewelry. There are amazing jewelry makers in the Bahamas who will craft a memorable necklace, a pair of earrings or other piece of jewelry that will bring back warm memories of your trip.

An attractive straw cap. This is the quintessential cap to wear in the Bahamas and with the right one can carry that spirit you had with you on the islands wherever you go.

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