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Some Unique Gift Ideas from Your Island Vacation

After a luxurious trip to islands somewhere in the world, having gifts for all your jealous friends and relatives is a good idea, so they don’t continue hating you for all the idyllic pictures you have been posting. Here are some unique gift ideas to bring them, so they continue talking to you and inviting you to parties.


Local business T-shirts are a great inexpensive but unique gift. Even though friends or family members may have never been to the place you are giving them a shirt from, they can wear it with pride and make everyone else think they have been there. Jewelry from local merchants that is inexpensive is also another easy and unique gift idea, sharing a creative bit of the Bahamas with everyone else. Even seashells from the white sands of the islands will be a perfect small unique gift for kids who are jealous of your beach vacation.

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