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What to Look for in High-Quality Craft Jewelry

Jewelry can be made by many types of people, some who have more skills than others. In fact, most of the craft jewelry you will encounter is probably very cheaply made and not worth what you are being charged for it. Here are some ways to determine whether the craft jewelry you are buying is any good or not.


First, look at the materials, like the metals and the stones. Are these metals and stones real based on what you can see and feel? Metals like silver or platinum have a real weight to them. Aluminum doesn’t. Stones also have various tells, from the look and color to price. So if there’s a craft piece of jewelry that is said to have a diamond in it being sold for a very reasonable price, you should probably be skeptical. Finally, check out how all the pieces are attached together in the pieces of jewelry. Will it survive wear and tear in your opinion? Because if there’s any doubt about that it’s probably not worth purchasing.

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