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About Baha Gala

Unforgettable, Intriguing and stunning designs! Baha Gala specializes in handmade jewelry with the finest materials, Shells, Coral. Turquoise, Semi Precious Stones, Freshwater Pearls and more. Authenticity and quality are what we stand behind.  Baha Gala has been decorating the Bahamas and the world with our beautiful designs since 2008.  It is our goal to expose the creativity and beauty of our natural materials found throughout the Bahamas. We offer delivery service, private viewings and international shipping.  We are proud to be one of the few designers in the Bahamas to offer customized designs and international shipping. Our goal is to enhance a woman's beauty with everything mother nature has to offer.  Allow us the pleasure of decorating your life and become a Baha Gala Beauty!

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About The Designer

Nestled in the tranquil islands of the Bahamas, you'll find one of its greatest treasures, Designer Extraordinaire, Tenisha Carey.  With a degree in Communications, a Published Poet, Songwriter, Photographer, Bahamian Fashion Model, Jewelry, Clothing and Interior Designer, Tenisha embodies Fashion!

Tenisha began designing jewelry for herself in 2001.  She became jaded with the same mundane designs that were being worn by everyone. It has always been her heartfelt belief that we were all designed to stand out, not fit in. That's exactly the way she feels about her jewelry creations.  They have been crafted to stand alone and we're sure you'll agree that once adorned with the breathtaking Jewelry by Baha Gala, you will certainly illuminate in a crowd and become your very own fashionista!

Tenisha Carey is the sole proprietor and designer of Baha Gala.  Established in 2003, to feature Unforgettable, Intriguing and Stunning Jewelry Designs. Baha Gala specializes in handcrafted jewelry with the finest materials: Shells, Sand, Seeds, Coral, Turquoise, Semi Precious Stones, Fresh Water Pearls and more.

 For more than seventeen (17) years Baha Gala has successfully operated as a small boutique styled business geared to promote handcrafted Jewelry designs as well as offer a platform for other local Bahamian Artisans to showcase their craft. My goal is to provide our clients with quality, beauty and unique Bahamian artistry. 

“Beauty Begins Within…But Ends On The Outside!"

                                                                      © Tenisha N. Carey

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About Our Freshwater Pearls & Coral

Here at Baha Gala we pride ourselves in being environmentalists.  We carry authentic materials which include Natural Coral and Freshwater Pearls.  These beautiful pearls and corals are cultivated and bred on Coral and Freshwater Pearl farms.  These farms play a major role in assisting the seabed by providing a reproductive reserve for the replenishment and growth of Coral Reefs.  Being natures conservatives holds high importance to Baha Gala.  We ask that you join us in protecting our environment. Many thanks. :-)

Our Story

Baha Gala has been coloring the the world with our beautiful designs for more than 15 years. Allow us the pleasure of coloring your world!

Our Vision

To Bring Art to your world!  To Enhance your beauty within. Why fit In...When You Were Born To Stand Out!"

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