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Baha Gala is so proud to introduce our newest design, the Passion Coin Pendant. When I thought about a design that would exude sophisticated simplistic elegance and Authentically Bahamian, I wanted a design that would represent, inspire and ring true to our Bahamian Pride, to our Bahamian Passion.


Inspired by the Central Bank’s New $0.15 Cent Piece Coin which features our Bahamian Coat of arms and Hibiscus Flowers. It was just amazing how this little square coins design could invoke the strength of a nation and the passion of a people.  This design came to life once I studied the Conch Shells beauty and its natural curvature. The brilliance and the passionate pink hues of our Conch Shell is absolutely breathtaking.  I wanted to accentuate and capture the essence of this coin by encasing  it within this beautiful organic element, enveloping our Bahamian Coin within the Pink Passion of our gorgeous conch shell.  

Many do not know how sacred the conch shell is throughout different cultures . The Conch Shell represents a symbol of purity, brilliance and auspiciousness. It’s indeed a powerful element.


What makes this design so exceptionally extraordinary? No design is duplicated, every conch shell that’s carved for this design is unique in its own special way because of the Natural Curves of each Conch Shell. This pendant design is accented on our beautiful Stainless Steel Rope Chains in Silver & Gold.


I hope my Passion Coin Pendant is loved as much as I loved designing it. It’s truly a timeless and priceless keepsake. Enjoy.


Happy Regards,


Tenisha Carey - Designer

BG $0.15 Cent Piece Coin & Conch Shell "Passion Coin Pendant."

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