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Our Baha Gala Signature Logo Charm in Black Trimmed with Gold Accented on Gold Stainless Steel Double Linked Bracelet.


About our Signature "242- My Bahamas" Charm


This sophisticated styled stainless steel "242 - My Bahamas" Charm  captures the essence of our love for the  Bahamas and shaped in the beautiful curves of our Nation's capital, Nassau, Bahamas.
The front of the charm shows off our 242 Area Code  and the back of the charm shows off our "My Bahamas" love. Wear your Charm on either side. Select your charm design in Black trimmed with Silver or Black trimmed with Gold. Add our 242 Charm to your Baha Bangle or Charm Bracelet in a selection of colors. 

Baha Gala Pendant Charm Bracelet.

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